April 30, 2007

In His time ...

I just simply had to post something today! It's been ages since I posted, but I've come away from this weekend with a reminder of God's blessed assurance. It's so easy to pass by familiar scripture, and think, "Yup, know what that means .... next". How about, Trust in the LORD with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. Pro. 3:5 ?
Now how about living it!?
Recently, compared to when I started coming to church, I've honestly felt a decrease in my passion for His work. Less out of love and more out of duty. We had scheduled Revival meetings with Bro. Buddy Blunkall for Gospel Light Baptist Church, Hot Springs, AR. preaching some Spirit-filled messages, and also our Men's Spiritual Retreat down in Bandon ran the same week. I thought, wow this is exactly what I need, thank you Lord! I began fervently praying for revival to begin first in my heart, and also in the hearts of those around me. Yet God only seemed to answer the latter. I put the best work I could into serving Him that week, but that's all it was in the end ... work. I began to get slightly bothered, why Lord? I want this, I really do. Yet still, nothing. My Bible reading continued to suffer, I still couldn't figure it out. I could see God was still using me, but why was I struggling so much.
Bro. Martin and Lumi's wedding came so fast this month and the music preparation was not where I wanted it to be. On top of that Ronelle got a cold and thought she wouldn't be able to sing, and there was still things that needed to be ironed out after the dress rehearsal. Praise God all went magnificently, and it was the beginning of a little lesson God used in my life to teach me about His control, and my lack of trust in it!
I had calculated that a Revival and Men's Retreat would add up to a spiritual boost in my life. Anybody would have told you that that was an obvious thing to expect!! I wasn't expecting things to go exactly the way I wanted them to, but I still expected them to go in the same general direction! God told me, in My time, the way I have decided. It's funny how I always look to understand a situation and try to be in control. Thank God for His patience, and willingness to teach us and not have us ignorant :-)
Please feel free to post how God is working in your life ...