December 07, 2006

Praises to His name!

Recently after a trip to America to learn more about the Reformer's Unanimous ministry (, we learned about the value of a daily prayer journal. Pastor then preached on our need to not just read, or even memorize the word of God, but to meditate on it! Psalms 1 tells us that a man is blessed when he meditates on God's truth in his heart daily. (see The Write way to worship Pt. 1 and 2 here)
The testimonies we heard of people who had developed a dynamic love relationship with Jesus Christ were just amazing. These people were both regular church attenders who didn't know Jesus personally, to people who had come from the depths of sin addictions that were killing them fast. Both now converse with God daily and have found His will for their lives, and He is healing broken marriages, self righteous attitudes and wicked lusts.
The journals have opened up the Bible to our members in an amazing way! People who found it hard to study for themselves, people struggling with personal trials and people who knew their relationship with God wasn't what it used to be. Let's be honest, who feels that they are exactly where they ought to be in Christ!!
I am glad to say there has been much answered prayer, and many are learning so much, and growing in grace (II Peter 3:18). I believe part of the journals effectiveness is it's layout into sections, giving us different ways in which to communicate with God. Through Bible reading/meditation, time spent listening to preaching of His word, prayer time (divided further), time in wise counsel, and then leadings/convictions of the Spirit. I Corinthians says, Let all things be done decently and in order (I Corinthians 14:40). The ordered layout really helps to focus in specifically on each way possible to hear from God and prayer becomes so sweet!
Here is an excerpt from my journal, Personal prayer time - Praises:

Thank you Lord for being Almighty God (Revelation 11:17)
Thank you Lord for being forgiving and merciful to me (1 John 1:9)
That my sins are as far as the east is from the west! (Psalm 103:12)
That You first loved us! (1 John 4:19)
That we can show You love (John 14:15)

I can tell you my praises section is mostly jam-packed with so many things i can be thankful for in the life Jesus has given! Also, some things are tough to deal with too, God is really showing me where i fall down, and sins that are in my life. I take comfort in Proverbs 24:16 and II Corinthians 12:9,10. I know sin doesn't make me a sinner but i sin because i'm a sinner, but we can be sanctified! (John 17:17) I want to hear Jesus say well done, thou good and faithful servant. Who wants to hear I never knew you?!?

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Wes said...

Meditation on the word of God is so sweet to the soul! "Pleasant words are as a honeycombe, sweet to the soul, & health to the bones." Prov. 16:24).Thats so true brother John, we are so blessed when we meditate on the word of God.

I listened to pastor ledbetter's message (The write way to worship) great message, i really enjoyed it, it is a blessing. "We will never change the way we think until we change the thing that we think the most with." Amen Pastor Craig.

Its great to hear what God is doing in RU in the States! The Lord Jesus never gets weary when it comes to healing & binding up his children. God is so good!

Sounds like you you are really blessed by your journal! Sounds like a great idea, i must make my own journal to observe my spiritual walk. Thanks for the idea bro.

Tell Pastor Craig, & your dad Tony & all in Cork i said hello!

God bless you John.